Lynchburg 10 Miler!

Fall is arriving in Blowing Rock! PC: Matt LoPiccolo

Well, racing season has arrived! It has been almost ten months since I pulled on my racing flats with the intention of racing (and that was a disaster). So I have been itching at toeing the starting line since then. These last two years have brought many ups and downs, which has lead to a sense that I have not reached my goals. In response to that feeling, I have set some lofty goals for this fall and spring. I will delve deeper into them more as specific races approach, but my first race is this weekend! I am racing The Virginia 10 Miler in Lynchburg.

My last six weeks of training have been great. I have had good solid long runs, and workouts have been feeling easier and more relaxed. Since it will be my first race in quite a long time, I am just focusing on racing my competition. My racing instincts are most likely a bit rusty, so this will be an ideal time to knock some of that rust off. Every time I step on the line, I want to compete to the best I am capable of on that day. While I do not know exactly what shape I am in, I know that I am heads and shoulders above where I have been in the past for season openers. That brings a level of confidence, which is often lacking in my first few races of the season. I have until December to truly find my stride, but starting out a step or two closer does not hurt.

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