Training Log 4/5-11

Week of Training April 5 – 11

Morning Afternoon Notes
Sunday 8 6
Monday 15
Tuesday 12 6 Drills and Strides, Core
Wednesday 14 Workout
Thursday 12 Drills and Strides
Friday 12 6 Core
Saturday 10
Week Total 101
The beautiful Watauga River Road.

The beautiful Watauga River Road.

Since I had a big workout at the end of last week, Pete did not schedule a long run for Sunday. Instead I did what I would do on a typical Monday. They next day I headed out by myself to Watauga River Road for a good solid medium long run. I was feeling a little tired from the workout two days prior, but by the end I felt good and ran fast the last few miles.

I was excited for the workout on Wednesday, as five of us had it on our schedules. In the fall it is common for all of us to do our workouts together, because most of us are on similar racing schedules. In the spring, everyone begins to gear their training towards their specialty, which vary from 1500m to 10,000m, so it is unique for most of us to do a workout together.

For the workout, we decided to try out the new Middle Fork Greenway. The Middle Fork Greenway is a proposed path from Blowing Rock to Boone, and last fall a section of the path opened up sin front of the Tweetsie Amusement Park. This was going to be the first time that we actually ran on the nearly a mile stretch. Since it is not very long, it is ideal for repeat workouts.

2km, 6 x 1km, 2km, 1:45 min rest, 2:30 after the 3rd 1km;
3 x 600m snowball, 1:45 min rest; 3 x 200m, 1 min rest

The last few weeks I have mentioned that during the first half of the workout I have felt flat, or tired, or not good, but this workout was completely different. Right from the first rep I felt very good. For most of the workout I felt like I was floating along. It was only after I started the 600m snowballs did I feel that I was straining to maintain and change pace. For me this shows that I am in very good aerobic shape, meaning that I could run a very good half marathon right now. I know that I am racing a 5000m in a few days and a 10,000m in two and a half weeks, but it will only take a few sharpening workouts to get ready for those.

5:55, 2:57, 2:53, 2:5   , 5:55; 1:39, 1:40, 1:38; 30, 30, 29
My little side project for the summer. Hopefully it turns out well.

My little side project for the summer. Hopefully it turns out well.

After the workout, while talking with Ryan, he commented on how it is my MO to have some subpar workouts then one really good one that “announces” that I am in shape. Then I tend to run very well for the next month or so, before my fitness will start to wane and I will need to push the reset button. I have mentioned this training/recover/super-compensation cycle before, and I finally feel like I am hitting the correct part of the cycle during this early part of the track season.

Besides running I decided to try something different to occupy my time for the summer, which is brew my own beer. Since I really did not know anything about the process of brewing beer, I ended up buying a home brewing kit online, which includes a how to DVD. I am really interested to see how the beer turns out, as many times the first batch is a bust. If that happens, I will just have to try again! Right now I just started the second week of the fermentation stage and it will be another week of fermenting before I can bottle the beer. It will be another few weeks before the beer is ready to drink! So right now it is a waiting game. Until then I feel like I need to create a trademark for my new hobby!

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